Graffiti removal & prevention

Most graffiti is often simple tags which are seldom attractive, Bird & Goodwin can help, with environmentally friendly removal solutions.

Graffiti is all around us, and despite the occasional pieces which may be deemed as art, most often it is seen as simple tags which are seldom attractive. Therefore, most people have seen graffiti as detrimental to the environment.

As most instances of graffiti occur in public spaces, it can quickly affect how people feel about that space.

Graffiti Removal

To remove graffiti you need to use a specialised product so you don’t damage the surface, or the environment.

We can remove graffiti from: bare, un-coated surfaces, such as brick, render, stone, shop fronts, bus shelters or even rail carriages, care is needed not to damage the substrate.

If you are cleaning a surface that has been previously treated with an anti-graffiti coating, then it is vital you pick a graffiti remover that will not damage the coating underneath.

Tricky locations are not a problem as we are IPAF registered and deal with all kinds of structures on a regular basis.

Graffiti Prevention

Prevention is clearly better than cure, and with regular maintenance visits, we are able to keep locations cleaner, tidier and less prone to vandalism using anti-graffiti coatings or anti vandal paints.

They can be used internally and externally on a wide range of different surfaces:

  • Previously painted surfaces
  • Bare surfaces
  • Smooth surfaces like metal and plastic
  • Porous surfaces like brick and stonework

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