Antifouling service


Bird & Goodwin only recommend Top Quality products, that is why we have chosen the Jotun product range. Every Jotun product is the result of intensive research and development combining state-of-the-art technology with innovative thinking, practical knowledge and experience resulting in protection for all round your vessel.

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Fouling attached to the vessel’s hull, rudder or propeller whilst stationary or slow moving is rapidly removed when the vessel is in motion – with no reduction in speed or increase in power.

ANTIFOULING:   SeaQuantum and SeaForce

Selection of the “right for you” antifouling can be quite a complicated task. Jotun’s full range of TBT-free antifoulings offers you solutions designed to cover your needs.  Call us today on 01472 241 063 to find out which is the best product for your needs.


SeaMate leverages the benefits of the silyl technology – the best hydrolysing binder technology on the market – which provides a significantly harder coating with great mechanical strength and shorter drying time.


A shopprimer is a quick drying material applied as a thin film to a metal surface to give protection in the period before and after fabrication.

PRIMER:   Jotacote Universal

Designed for newbuildings, this truly universal primer gives optimum protection at maximum efficiency.

PRIMER:   The Jotamastic range

These products combine the ultimate in protection against corrosion with considerable economic benefits and a proven track record of success in the broadest spectrum of markets.

TOPCOAT:   Hardtop Flexi

Hardtop Flexi is a flexible and impact resistant topcoat based on polyurethane technology and has proven excellent for high impact areas where most other products are too brittle.

TOPCOAT:   Hardtop XP

A high solids, high performance polyurethane topcoat with excellent spray properties and improved properties for application by brush and roller – appreciated by all applicators.

TOPCOAT:   Hardtop AS

Hardtop AS is designed for superstructures. A durable, high-grade finish which meets the need for both protection and good looks.

BALLAST TANKS:   Balloxy HB Light

Specially designed for water ballast tanks and related areas, Balloxy HB Light utilises proven technology to ensure reliable and lasting protection.

BALLAST TANKS:   Balloxy HB Lumi

Balloxy HB Lumi provides all the benefits of Balloxy HB Light, but with an Optically Active Additive to speed inspection.

TANK COATINGS:   Tankguard range

Choose between coatings that are resistant to the broadest range of cargoes or a clearly defined cargo/group of chemicals. Resistance list with over 14,000 chemicals.

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