Line marking


There are many different high build, quick-drying line marking paints, suitable for marking roads, warehouse floors, runways, schools, car parks and much more.

We are able to apply thermoplastic lines, line marking aerosols and chlorinated rubbers, for temporary or permanent line marking on a variety of surfaces.

Line marking isn’t restricted to cycle lane, motorway and main road safety instructions, as it’s often used on pavements and pedestrianised zones, parking spaces to designate specific parking restrictions, outdoor grass football and rugby pitches, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, and offshore platforms.

Work undertaken includes:

  • Line painting, Line marking, Road marking.
  • Car park markings – New or renovation work.
  • Coloured surfacing – Internal / External.
  • Playground markings – Activities, Games & Puzzles.
  • Road traffic markings – White lining, Crossings, Lettering.
  • Safety markings – Internal / External.
  • Warehouse markings – Walkways, Loading bays, Hatchings.
  • Yellow/White line painting.

Road marking paint

Line Marking Paint is a great all-round road line paint with a quick drying finish for asphalt and bare concrete.
The long lasting paint can be used indoors and outdoors, in factories, schools and sports halls and on painted floors.
It’s applied with a brush or a roller and is touch dry within 30 minutes, which is ideal for line markings on busy road surfaces.

Thermoplastic road marking

Thermoplastic line marking is one of the most popular kinds of road marking. It gives a great balance between cost and longevity and outperforms paints in terms of increased retro-reflectivity and durability.

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