Quality versus Price

Some boat owners have limited funds and therefore mistakenly often choose the cheapest option when it comes to time to re-paint their boat.

Choosing a cheap paint can result in:

  • The need to apply more coats to get an even colour or finish
  • The boat being out of the water for longer than anticipated
  • Runs or sagging when the paint is applied
  • Reduced time between the paint being re-applied
  • Increased long term costs
  • Barnacles will adhere more easily to the hull
  • More time cleaning the hull out of the water

Choosing a quality paint can result in:

  • Less time required to apply as less coats are required
  • Boat back in the water quicker
  • A deeper colour and better finish
  • Less chance of runs or sagging unless applied in the wrong conditions
  • Painting is required less frequently
  • Reduced long term costs
  • Barnacles will not adhere as easily to the hull
  • Minimum time out of the water
With our many years of experience we can advise you on the best and most cost effective way to protect your vessel, why not call us today and arrange for your free constultation, it could save you making a very costly mistake.

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